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Welcome! Drop by a while and tell me what you think! :) I'd love to have some feedback and I am more than willing to return the favor! :iconsophisticatedlaplz: Grazie my friends!


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"You can't fake it. To produce anything requires a lot of work." ~???
    So, I think I might plan on doing a bunch of artwork over the course of the rest of this semester on til my surgery, so I can post some stuff while I'm going through recovery. It's kind of a hassle to have to post really, because for me.... there are a lot of steps. 

Take a picture....
Email picture from phone to computer....
Hopefully email doesn't block image.....
If it doesn't, save image....
Once image is saved upload.....
Write description.... which isn't short....
And post....
Don't even get me started on the scanner.........................................................................

       For me, that's really dull and time consuming. I really wish dA had mobile posting, because that would make my life TEN TIMES easier. But because my life will be dull and boring while I'm recovering (virtually EVERYTHING I do for fun requires both of my hands.....) I'll probably do that. A lot. XD haha

    I will probably still post art now and then from here till the surgery but not all of what I have been working on. 

    Now, how about some updates on the art for you to look forward to seeing!:

Riddlefish by Yavanni
The Riddlefish:
    -Linework of Page 5 has been completed.

    Once I hit page 10, I will start posting it. I really wanted to do it in chapters, but there's no way I'm going to be patient enough to wait to show you guys! lol I am still weighing whether or not I want to color some panels. I probably will. However, full page color will not be done (unless I find a reason to make an artistic exception.....). I just have to say, I have never been more dedicated or excited about a graphic novel as I am about this one. It took a long while to process my drawing skills as they are merged with my story writing. But oh my gosh... I hope I blow your minds! Hope.... lol also, I have limited the cast. So if you were hoping to see a certain character... you probably won't, save for MAYBE a cameo appearance. This story is sort of the prototype for Wanderlust's future format (and for your information, I'm planning to do a trilogy). So far, it has been absolutely awesome to do concepts and to write for this story! 

The list may change.... but here's The Main Cast:

Lord (unnamed)
Tengu (unnamed)
The Riddlefish: Attu and Acku 

Lined up for Cameo Appearances:

Eventually, the story will have a consistent splits in it. That's where you guys come in! I'll ask you the necessary questions, we'll take a vote and I'll develop the idea based off of what you want to happen! ;D Relatively speaking of course. If you could predict EVERY little thing it will be rather boring. BUT, there's a reason it's called RIDDLEfish. Obviously... there are going to be several problems to solve! 


Circumvention by Yavanni
Wanderlust Scenes:
    I did a pic of Stranger recently. I'm trying to be more.... I dunno, scenic and dynamic and not as conceptual for Wanderlust. So this one he isn't going to be just casually standing around.... THIS time, he's sitting O_O lol! But seriously, I'm trying to have more thematic images rather than concept images. They're so boring! So hopefully, my art will be resulting in more images like this image here called "Circumvention" (above) than this one: 
Stranger Armored by Yavanni
"Stranger Armored"
    I want more emotion and more movement to be captured in these snapshots of my imagination, rather than just these dull images (even though the art is interesting) where my characters are just standing there! And honestly, I don't always plan out what I'm going to draw. Sometimes I just draw. Images like: 
Emperor of Shadow by Yavanni
"Emperor of Shadow

Sir to Siren by Yavanni
       "Sir to Siren"

    Were completely unplanned. I just put my pencil/paintbrush to the paper and went from there. That's usually how my ideas get fleshed out. Other times, I do plan. Sometimes I just want to improve on an old idea that I had. Which is evident with the image "Phantom Hendon". However, a lot of the time, they result in just simple sketches that really have no emotion or purpose other than a smile from Anonymous. 

    I'm passed the stage of the random images that cause a giggle frenzy- although I'll still do them, they'll probably remain uncolored. If you have something you WANT to see- say, Stranger and Rioku walking through Mithrore (the capital of Ivo), Daisuke cooking at the Sliced Pan, Anonymous flying from the palace of Kuroando, whatever! lol just throw the idea at me! Anything that you're curious about that I mention a lot- like the Shadow Realm- TELL ME. I ALWAYS put such things on a list to save for those days where I lack my own inspiration to come up with something to draw. Chances are, you'll see it before too long! I want you guys to feel as a part of this as I am! Contribution, whether you think I used it or not, has probably benefited the ideas in more ways than you think! Even if you're here just to point out that someone's hand looks too small or the clothing folds aren't quite right, you're helpful! Even presenting me with a new race or character you thought up that you don't think you'll use, I'll probably take that idea and blow it up into something that may look totally unrelated. What you say, leads me to new ideas. The way I created this world was by taking real world facts and mixing them together to come up with something new and different! The Shadow Shades are a perfect example of that!
From that one idea came MANY:
The Greylines
The Shadow Realm
The Black Dragon Kuroagake
The Revived
The Silhouettes
...most recently, Angels and Demons. 

To create all of this, I had to delve into all sorts of research topics: 
Light and Shadow and Darkness (did you know there is such a thing as colored and rainbow shadows? Still working on how to apply it!)
Aerodynamics and Anatomy of the human body in comparison to birds.
The ancient cultural practices of polygamy (because the Revived have multiple mates: I based them off of birds and horses. So you have the Taneuma [stallion] and his Meuma [mares].)
Roman and Japanese culture
Folklore and myths concerning winged creatures
Angels and demons
and dragons, of course. 

Currently, I'd really like to get my hands on some Shakespeare and some Aristotle or Socrates.... 

Angels and Demons Concept Art by Yavanni
Wanderlust Concept Art:
    Kosuno just got through with being redesigned and given a full conceptual outline. Junichi, Edge, and Valerie all have pages that are either awaiting ink (so they're pencil sketches) and/or color. Edge will probably be finished before them. Anonymous will be getting a new design for armor. Thorn and Rioku are also approaching the list. I probably won't do concept art for Stranger (maybe, maybe not.... probably will anyways) anytime soon- at least not until he comes up in Riddlefish.

    Why am I doing this, you ask?

    One: for my personal reference as I draw these characters in panels so that they are consistent. They aren't consistent.....I seriously JUST decided everyone's heights and ages..... it's nuts. Some people have even got totally different nationalities! Secondly: My art style has changed DRASTICALLY. Just look at Phantom Hendon and Stranger.... All that detail. Then look at an old pic of Daisuke or Kosuno. What the heck is up with their armor? There's like.... NONE! hahah! So yeah, this is for a good reason. 

    Aaaaaand of course, for your reference! Dudes, I freakin' love FAN ART. I don't care if you think you're art is like... idk, looks like it's drawn with your left foot while blindfolded! I always appreciate it! And if my hand wasn't hurting so bad, I'd return the favor! But seriously, if you want to get to know me and I'm not paying attention (because I have a lot of watchers, cause you guys are so awesome!) throw a sketch of one of my characters up in your gallery and tag me in it and dude, I'll be on your page in a heartbeat. I watch a lot of artists. And unfortunately, that means my mona lisa box of deviations by the artists I watch is full of art! Seriously.... SUPER full. Remember when I was suddenly gone for like almost a year? Well, lol, the results were.... crazy. Haha! I have 11,750 deviations in my box to look at so yeah... And my spring cleaning won't happen until I'm desperate! Now you know why I tell you to inform me personally whenever you're posting something! haha and if I don't reply to a comment in a long while, it's either that it has gotten overrun with other people's comments and replies (seriously, I'm looking right now and I have like 1,005 in my inbox along with 56 notes!) so do forgive me if it takes me til next year to notice you've sent me a message! Send it a second time if you must! Anyways, I love you all! 
    And if you're looking for someone to give you tips, I do that as well! I ask people for tips all the time! I don't know everything, but with my personal experience, I will do all I can to point you in the right direction, whether it's from my own tool box for my art or if it's to point you to someone who knows better than I. I'm not entirely familiar with digital art, as traditional is my profession, I still know my way around that town! Art is art! If you're a writer and you want to talk about how to get started on World Development or where to glean ideas and how to be original, dude, I live to help people out with that! It's my life goal to be as original as possible. I know I'm not the best in the world at it, but I have to say, I've got a few things up my sleeve that can help out with that. If you can draw, dude, develop that skill along your writing. You realize it can e $1000+ for an illustrator to illustrate your books. So even if you want to write a children's book about a bouncy ball that bounces all over the place and into a fish bowl.... you should still develop that skill. It will save you money and likely MAKE you more!
    Now, one more thing.... Don't glean directly from media. It's okay to watch a show and go, "I really like the way that character looks...." or "Wow! What a great storyline! Let me base something off of it!" It's a step, but you have to take another after that. Take something else, grab a bunch of different characters you like and mix those together to see what you get! And don't stop there! Look at different sources! This world is FULL of information and stories that aren't copywrited- that are absolutely astonishing and entertaining. Those stories are in a book called.... HISTORY! Dudes, you have no idea... Embrace the past, because most people don't realize how awesome it is! Dig up stories no one knows about. Especially ones of cultures or countries that are so small no one realizes that they exist! Read about individuals, understand how the world works. In order to create a new world, you must first understand the one we live in. It is VITAL. Otherwise, you'll lack structure. Every story is fantasy if it comes from your imagination. Fantasy is built on a foundation of reality. Those are the stories that stick. That's why Lord of the Rings, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Attack on Titan are so believable. Because they all took history and reality and built up a totally new world. It's super awesome, isn't it? Anyways, if you need someone to chat with about that sort of thing, I would LOVE to chat about it! 

Artist Cards by Yavanni
Art for School:
    There's too much of it.... gosh... right now I'm drawing sticks for Drawing 2 and for Figure Drawing 2 I have a weekly sketchbook that requires three full page imitations of images sent to me that I have to imitate the style of. Every Monday night, I have to draw for two hours. Last time I went to that class I had to draw 25 images!!!!!!! It was fun though! :3 Thankfully, I'll get to post those too! haha Seriously though, I have a lot of art to do for my classes. And that's not including Multi Media! It's nuts! 

Anyways, with that being said..... I'm busy! haha Just wanted to ensure to you guys that I am indeed alive and breathing. Maybe tonight I'll actually post something! 
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  • Listening to: Tranz Mit Mir by Faun, Santiano
  • Reading: Silence by Shusaku Endo
  • Watching: Attack on Titan (again....)
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Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Watch me- I'll watch you back!

Sup, my friend! Thanks a million stars for dropping by. :iconstudmuffinplz: I am Yavanni, also known as Sweey. I am a young artist working hard to make a career out of my passion. Aren't we all? Unfortunately, that's been put on hold due to my diagnosis and surgery for a chronic case of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in my drawing hand.

I seek to be a well rounded individual. I love cultures and languages of all kinds and do my best to see the world with as little bias as possible (which is nearly humanly impossible, but I try!). Cultures are so diverse and beautiful! So if you happen to be from a different country than me, PLEASE, please feel free to chat with me! I love learning about it! Especially legends, traditions, and folklore. I love seeing how history shapes the present and quite enjoy predicting the future based off of my knowledge of history. That being said, my love for culture and history, often reflects through my art and conversation. So if I happen to greet you in another language- or thank you (my favorite lately have been grazie, arigato, spasibo, and danke. Italian, Japanese, Russian, and German for "thank you") then don't act surprised. More than once I've been asked if I'm from one of the said countries (save for Japan lol!)

On another note, I don't know why, but a lot of people don't think I will talk to them for some odd reason! They always act so surprised when I answer their message or watch them back! I like making friends! The more the merrier! If I don't reply, understand, I'm an introvert. So I hide in a cave even on the internet. And dude, if you ever want tips for art or if you want to give me tips, please just go for it! I love helping other artists grow with what experience I already have. And I am fully aware I have yet to become a master, even as a professional! Honestly, I don't think masters exist! But that's just me!

You may have noticed that a lot of my art repeats characters that you have never seen before! That is because I am working hard to write a book series. If you're curious and want to learn more, just ask! If you want to talk about your characters too, I'm totally free for it! ;D Just remember, I am slow to reply sometimes!

works in progress
Tokumei Color Photoshop First (In Progress) by Yavanni
B.E.A.S.T. Poster (Inked) by Yavanni Close up of Characters ~Inked~ on Poster by Yavanni

some of my good stuff
Sengoku Basara by Yavanni Under Shadow's Light~p5 by Yavanni Prepare for the Assault by Yavanni Kosuno~ Dragon Heart by Yavanni
Awaiting the Dawn of Dusk by Yavanni You Dare Touch My Rose? Meet My Other Girl. by Yavanni A Witty Whisper by Yavanni Anonymous by Yavanni

ON A SIDE NOTE: I am battling a chronic case of carpal tunnel syndrome right now and have been threatened with permanent loss of use with my drawing hand. Therapy has not been going well at all as I only seem to be getting progressively worse. Now they are saying that I may have arthritis and/or tendonitis along with the CTS. So life as I know it is changing for the worst... but I'm hoping- dearly hoping- that it will all be over soon.

Here's some of my other locations for posting (writing and such)

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