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Welcome! Drop by a while and tell me what you think! :) I'd love to have some feedback and I am more than willing to return the favor! :iconsophisticatedlaplz: Grazie my friends!


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Watch me- I'll watch you back!

I don't know why, but a lot of people don't think I will talk to them for some odd reason! They always act so surprised when I answer back. If you ever want tips for art or if you want to give me tips, please just go for it! I love helping other artists grow with what experience I already have. And I am fully aware I have yet to become a master, even as a professional! Honestly, I don't think masters exist! But that's just me!

You may have noticed that a lot of my art repeats characters that you have never seen before! That is because I am working hard to write a book series. If you're curious and want to learn more, just ask! If you want to talk about your characters too, I'm totally free for it! ;D Just remember, I am slow to reply sometimes!

My artwork mostly reflects my characters from the world I created under the title Wanderlust. I still have a lot of work to do, but you're free to get to know me and my characters. My favorite gift is fanart! lol

ON A SIDE NOTE: I have cubital tunnel syndrom in both hands. So come winter, I probably won't post as often, but idk. You just never know!

Here's some of my other locations for posting (writing and such)
Sorry I've been gone so long guys! I've been overwhelmed with classes and friends and stuff..... 

Social life sucks, that's for sure. 

So a lot has happened in the months I've been gone. I did a cosplay of Skullkid- hopefully I can get some pics up soon. Happy (late) Halloween by the way! 

My Illustration class has pretty much consumed my free time (including my free drawing time). I'm not sure I even remember the plans I had originally made for Wanderlust and the Past of the Masked Knight novels before school started. So I'm really sorry if I let anyone down. Hopefully, I can get back on track soon. I'm not sure what I'll pick up first, but I know a lot of people are sick of the cliff hanger in the Life of a Star Warrior. I'm very sorry about that. I'll see if over Thanksgiving Break, if I can get a chapter uploaded. 

Wanderlust has been taking some curious twists and turns lately. For the most part, I'll be honest here, the franchise has lost its luster. I don't feel driven to write or draw for it anymore, but I'm trying really hard to recharge myself. Next semester, I'm taking a Sequential Art Course ( Graphic Noveling ) where I'll learn how to professionally craft a right proper GN. To boot, my favorite art professor, Pohle (Who's freaking awesome and German- I wish I could adopt him as my grandpa. He's AMAZING) is teaching the class. After seeing my portfolio, we got to chatting and he told me he used to teach a class on graphic noveling. Then the next class period he announced that he was going to do it again- lol giving me a very particular look that said- you better take this chance and run with it kid. 

Hopefully, this summer will be just as splendid. Pohle has offered a trip to his hometown, Berlin (only the, you know, capital of Germany) and very badly wants me to come so that I can extend my knowledge of graphic noveling beyond Manga. He is still wanting to push me forward, but does not despise my style, which is nice lol. But he also doesn't necessarily adore it's anime influences. However, my art is also rooted elsewhere. For instance, my favorite Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick, has influenced my direction quite a lot. Recently, I was given a high compliment online on Our Art Corner when someone commented that my style reminded me of the artist Yoshitaka Amano, who previously did art for the older Final Fantasy games (such as my all time favorite, Final Fantasy 2 on the SNES. Pretty sure you can still download it for free on the kindle fire). At first I was like, eh.... great. I've been pegged as an anime solo artist. Nope. Yoshitaka was actually very closely similar and I'd like to learn more by studying his art. It's very beautiful. It reminds me of lace. I think it will help me with design and understanding where to put my details without distracting from the important features of  the subject.

I've learned a lot guys. lol I knew I needed to learn more about art, but Professor Pohle is the first I've had who's actually pushed and molded me and given me the hard criticism I needed to hear in a gentle way- then he gives me mini lectures that help me understand fully what he wants of me. I can't wait to show you guys the art I've done in his class. It's not much, but it was a LOT of work. A lot more than I've ever put into my own work. I think I've finally found my master to apprentice myself too. Which is awesome and I'm so thankful to God that I pushed through the last two miserable years to get to this point. 

Also, by the way, Pohle's drawings are the most AMAZING tastiest art sketches you'll ever witness. When he gets his website up and running, I'll send you all a link. I still sometimes have a hard time believing that I get to learn from someone so masterful. He's around his sixties, German, and his favorite fun thing to draw is Steampunk. lol HELL YEAH. If that doesn't tell you how awesome he is, I don't know what would. 

I'm also taking a Printmaking class. lol I'm.... getting there in it. It's kind of more than time consuming. But it's a wonderful new realm of art that I'm really enjoying. 

However... that all to say, my two core classes are kicking my butt. Xc Which is the opposite of fun. I only have a few weeks to get my grades up or its bye bye college. Ugh. The pressure's on. But hey, I'm sure I'd figure something out. I've never failed a class before in my life. All I need from those two are a couple of ripe C's. I'm an art major. I need A's in my major! lol 

Hmm.... anything else to mention? Social life is insane.... as always. I've had a really hard time with friends, especially this year and the last. My depression has been kept under my thumb, thankfully. 

OH YEAH! I'm also creating an 8-bit RPG! Of course, the Wanderlust cast is in it! And OF COURSE, I'll make it available to you guys. It's a small game and my first run using the program. So it's likely to be less than fantastic! But if anything, it'll be a fun experience. ^^ 

Anyways, sometime this week- hopefully- I'll get the chance to post some artwork up here! ;D Love you guys. Miss you all dearly! 
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Under the Ashes by Yavanni

Chapter One Trinkets and Crickets

    There was something about the way the house smelled, Edge decided. It was the smell of burning wood, rusty nails, and moldy carpet. His gaze swept the decrepit skeleton of a building and the smoky bones that remained of its inhabitants. Grass and moss grew on the beds, turning the once brilliant red blankets, greyish. Half of the building was black from the fires of four years ago. The other half was green. Plant-life had overwhelmed the surviving furniture and belongings that had been left behind by thieves. There were no valuables he found, as he searched the house. Edge worried that taking any keepsakes from the abandoned home that weren’t rightfully his would invoke pain in the heart of one who had also escaped the fires in the past. Should they come back after surviving the fires to find that there was nothing left to take, he did not want to partake in deepening their sorrow.

    He struggled to get a wooden drawer open. The wood was crawling with termites, which made his stomach squirm. He hated bugs- especially termites. They reminded him of burrow-trolls. The slimy, nocturnal creatures that burned up in the sun’s light are far from fond in his mind.

     After allowing himself a shudder, Edge managed to yank the drawer out. To his dismay, all he found were some screws, a plain tin box, and some writing charcoal. He decided to pick up the tin, slamming the drawer shut when a spider crawled out from underneath the tin. Backing a safe distance away from the crumbling dresser, he opened the tin.

    His jaw dropped. Inside the tin was a glass fountain pen with colored ribbons of maroon, white, and the palest pink somehow weaved inside of it. He was astonished. How had this been missed by the thieves? Maybe they didn’t like bugs either. He grinned. This was surely meant to be his. He admired the brilliant craftsmanship of the pen. He was supposed to learn how to blow glass soon, but Thorn had allowed him to postpone his training in order to go visit his childhood home after so many years. The times before he had only been able to pass through, barely able to glimpse the blackened A-framed buildings. Finally he had been given the chance to dig through the past and collect artifacts such as this.

    He moved on to the next building. The entirety of it had collapsed due to the fires of the Grey Army. Edge still had only encountered a few members of the Black-Hand Assassins. He was certain that they were the ones who had done all of this, who had killed his parents. In a way, he had a reason to thank them. Because of the disaster those enemies had brought, he had met Thorn and became his apprentice. That never would have happened had he not been orphaned.

    Creeping inside, he shuffled through the ashes, careful not to step on anything unstable. Suddenly he crashed through the floor, falling with a startled cry and a grunt as he sorely landed on his bum in a cellar. It was dark and he hoped there weren’t bugs down there with him. He shivered. It was cold, so probably not.

    Carefully, he held a hand over his medallion, muttered “Ruhans”, the Ivoian word for light, and sighed with relief as the cool cyan light illuminated the cellar. To his delight, a portion of the cellar was mildly preserved. It was dry, despite its chill. Hanging before him was a gorgeous tapestry of a unicorn. On the far wall was a stone shelf full of books, a painting of sheep, leather-bound journals filled to the brim with memories, and glass dishware. More treasures, he thought to himself. He opened his medallion, pointing the concentrated circle of light at each item. They became miniature, nearly so small he barely could see them, then they were pulled toward his chest and stored inside his medallion.

    A confident smile was displayed on his face as he sighed happily. One look up at the hole he had fallen through brought him to a worried frown. How was he going to get back up? He looked over to where the stairs should have been. But they were burned and unstable. He attempted the very first step and it snapped under his weight. He stumbled forward and waved his arms, thankfully catching his balance instead of plunging onto the frail staircase.

    “Darn it.” His brow furrowed. He pulled out his telestone and paused. The last thing he wanted to do was bother Thorn with this. There wasn’t a ladder anywhere. And even if there had been one, the floor of the house likely would not support it. He couldn’t dig himself out because of the cobblestone foundation. He looked up again and curiously discovered there were two holes in the floor where he had fallen, not just one, where he had fallen. He felt goosebumps rise on his arms. Did that mean he was not alone?

    Edge looked around with wide eyes, suddenly on high alert. Thoroughly, with his saxe knife drawn, he crept about, looking behind piles of rubble and charred chests and shelves. He found no one. But he did find a door. He tried the handle and successfully pulled it open after applying the necessary force.


    Anonymous looked up at him lethargically, sipping tea from a clay cup. A smile set beneath his gray mask.

    “A-Anonymous?” Edge stared at him in disbelief. “What are you doing here…?”

    Anonymous pulled from his pocket a folded piece of paper. He handed it to Edge. After giving Anonymous a suspicious look, he opened the paper. Edge blinked a few times. “You are here to find a mole?”

            Yes, he affirmed with a nod. Anonymous was there to find a mole, the digging sort.

            Edge shifted, “So, did you get stuck down here too?”

            Anonymous nodded. It was too dark to form shadows in the cellar.

            Edge looked beyond the gray-clad shinobi, delighted to see another door. “Does that go anywhere?” He asked Anonymous eagerly.

            Anonymous looked over his shoulder, a couple of strands of white hair falling into his face. He swept them back behind his ear. He then looked back at Edge, shrugging.

            Edge sighed, “May I join you for breakfast?”

            Anonymous nodded.

            As Edge sat down, Anonymous passed a small bowl of rice to him. Struggling with the chopsticks, Edge finally resorted to pulling from his medallion one of the forks from the glass dish set he had found in the cellar before and hungrily ate the rice. Kindly, Anonymous also offered Edge a cup of rooibos tea, sweetened with honey. And gratefully did Edge receive it.

            “So are you here on business for the Organization?”

            Anonymous shook his head.

            “So you’re here on personal business?”

            Anonymous nodded.

            “Looking for a mole. Hmm. I see.” Edge gave him an incredulous look. “Interesting.”

            Contently, Anonymous sipped his tea through his gray mask and, again, nodded. He was looking for a mole because he wanted to find it not because he had to. He was on vacation. And for a shinobi, vacation meant doing personal missions. So, he was going to find this mole and enjoy the process, even if it took up his entire two weeks of vacation.

            When they finished their breakfast, Anonymous dispelled his cookware and kettle, dissolving it all back to his shadow. His shadow was not his own. It was in fact the shadows of all the things he needed while travelling. His weapons, his rags, books, and so forth. All of it resided in his shadow that was not his, pieced together to mirror his form, and trick others into believing he was not without one. But all Revived were without a shadow. And those who were shades needed a shadow. They were vital to traveling between the land and the Greylines.

            Edge and Anonymous stood at the exact same time. Feeling a little awkward to be in the presence of an enemy he had shared breakfast with, Edge shifted from one foot to the other, glancing over his shoulder, half expecting Aygül to be there. She wasn’t, thankfully.

            “So, are you going that way?” Edge asked.

            Anonymous nodded, turning toward the closed door to leave.

            “I’m going that way too.”

            Anonymous stopped, turning to look at him. Edge nearly backed up, leaning a little in case the shinobi decided to attack him. Anonymous didn’t. Instead, he jerked his head toward the door, his lavender colored eye glistening as he invited Edge to walk with him. Besides, it would be nice to have company.

            The two of them proceeded together in the dark tunnel that was behind the door. There wasn’t much to see. And after several hours Edge finally had to sit down and eat something. Anonymous silently agreed. Together they fashioned a lunch between their rations of rice, nuts, bread, and jerky.

            Anonymous suddenly stopped eating and looked over his shoulder alerted by something Edge hadn’t detected. Edge narrowed his eyes, sharply peering through the darkness, listening closely. He heard gurgled voices. Anonymous looked at him, his wide eye meeting Edge’s.

            “Gulgers….” Edge swallowed hard.

            Gulgers were one of the nastiest creatures to encounter in dark places such as the tunnel they were traveling through. They were a humanoid insect-like race that dedicated their lives to building and maintaining their colonies. They were rarely seen above ground and hated all the other races, especially humans.  The Gulgers came in a variety of species. These were likely Cave Crawlers. Cave Crawlers had terrible eye sight and stood on cricket legs. Instead of running away from sounds they heard, they rushed toward them. But worst of all, worse than their antennae and beady black eyes, was the fact that they looked slimy. Slimy like termites. Edge shuddered.

            Anonymous was on high alert, sniffing and shifting around. Silently, as he was a shadow, he made way toward the gurgling voices. Edge shuffled after him, covering his medallion so that the light would not give them away. They came upon a narrow passage through the rocks that led to faint light. To Edge’s horror, his assumption had been correct. They were Cave Crawlers. There were two of them guarding a door apathetically, passing the time through gargled conversation. They suddenly laughed, which sounded like chirping, as one might expect a cricket to giggle, and then settled back into a serious state, looking like guards again.

            Edge felt a tickle in his nose. Dreading the possibility of being caught by those crawlers, he held a finger under his nose, stifling the sneeze. Satisfied that it was gone, he lowered his finger. But alas a great many sneezes, three in a row, blasted from his face.

            Those three sneezes landed Anonymous and Edge both in a cramped damp cell. There was an intense amount of light from crystals on the ground. The Gurgles knew what shadow-shades were and they weren’t about to provide one with the necessary palpable shadows it needed to escape. The two guards that had captured them stood with a group of their comrades sneering and sniggering, cracking jokes and so forth as they jeered at their human captives.

            Then their captain came forth, giving a rumbling chirp. The guards all stood at attention and marched off to their posts upstairs.  

            The captain paused before the cell and jerked his antenna toward them. “Filthy humans… such disgusting creatures…” With that he walked off.

            When he was gone, Edge looked at Anonymous. “I’m really sorry about all of this. Really, I am!”

            Anonymous waved it off. Looking at Edge, he smiled beneath his mask.

            Edge gave a nervous smile back, looking back through the bars of their cell. “I think I’m going to sleep a bit while I can.” He scooted off to a corner and glanced at Anonymous, who was already brewing another cup of tea for himself.

            This is going to be impossible to get out of this on your own. He touched his hand to the telestone tied to his belt on his hip. He bit his lip. No. You can do this. Then you’ll have an amazing story to tell Thorn. 

    Edge decided on that and sighed, falling into a restless slumber.







Under the Ashes: Chapter One


   Chapter One:…

    Chapter Two:…

        Chapter Three:…

         Chapter Four:…    


Chapter Two the Ugly Face                                                                                                        

    Edge shifted, only mildly awake. He had a horrible crick in his neck from sleeping on the hard rock floor and it didn’t seem to want to go away. He massaged it and tried to pop his neck, but it didn’t make it any better.

    Anonymous looked at him, then offered him a cup of tea. Edge gratefully accepted the tea. It was likely all he would have for breakfast that morning.

     They literally had just finished the last drop in the tea pot when the captain of the Gurgle guards came rushing down the stairs with a party of soldiers behind him. Anonymous scrambled, putting away his tea and dishes just before the captain showed up. His name was Mamdib and Edge had come to dislike him in a very real way. Captain Mamdib was arrogant and unkind. Those were two things Edge refused to ever appreciate.

    Captain Mamdib smiled sinisterly at them. “Our queen has requested to meet you.”

    “To meet us? Why in the world would she want to meet us?”

    “She just loves humans,” the captain replied arduously.

    Edge gave him an incredulous look then shared a glance with Anonymous. Setting his eyes sharply on the Gurgle captain, he nodded. “Okay. We’ll meet your queen.”

    Captain Mamdib chuckled, opening the cell door. His fellow guards went inside and immediately chained up their two captives, leading them out of the dungeon. They were led through a dozen dark hallways before they finally saw light again.

     Edge nearly lost his stomach. The queen was utterly hideous. She made the other Gurgles bearable to look at. But she, she was pale yellow all over, with brown speckles on her legs that made her look dirty and muddy. Her face was more cricket-like than the other Gurgles. The only thing that was remotely pleasing about her were her blue eyes. But even those made Edge’s stomach queasy. He pushed past the feelings and tried to smile. She sat on a throne of bark and wood and was eating a bowl of mealworms.

    She talked in a shrill, loud voice. “SO THESE ARE THE HUMANS YOU TOLD ME ABOUT?”

    Anonymous and Edge both flinched.

    “Yes, your majestic gorgeousness,” said Captain Mamdib with an overly dramatic bow.


     Edge swallowed and glanced at Anonymous. He didn’t look any more thrilled to be walking closer to the queen than Edge was. They stopped just before her throne and she squinted her eyes, looking closely at Edge.

    “Eck. THIS ONE IS JUST ANOTHER ELIBANIAN.” She complained.

    “We are below Eliban, your beautifulness,” Captain Mamdib explained. “That is why we continue to encounter the native game.”

    Game? They had some serious nerve talking about humans like animals to be hunted. Edge scowled.

    The queen lifted her muzzle to the air. “THIS ONE HAS SHARP EYES. I DO NOT LIKE HIM. TONIGHT. THEREFORE, WE WILL FEAST ON HIM.”

    Edge’s eyes widened, “But- how are you possibly going to feed your entire colony with me?!”


    Edge’s nostrils flared as he was led down from the throne. “Great to know I’m going to be considered a delicacy,” he grumbled.

    The queen’s attention turned to Anonymous. “HE WEARS A MASK. OFF WITH IT.”

    Anonymous’s eye widened and he tried to protest, but of course, could not speak in order to defend himself. To his utter devastation, his face was revealed. It was marred with scars and disfigured to the point that he no longer looked human.

    Edge stared in horror. What had happened to Anonymous that his face would look so ugly and despicable?

    The Queen lifted Anonymous’s chin with a crooked, hairy finger, staring at him in awe. “THIS…. THIS MUST BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE I HAVE YET TO SEE. I KNOW NOW WHY HE WEARS A MASK. TO KEEP UNWORTHY EYES FROM LOOKING UPON HIM. I WILL KEEP THIS ONE.” She pulled him close to herself possessively, shooing the guards. She fawned over him, admiring his snowy white hair and ugly, distorted face.

    Captain Mamdib gasped with shock. “But oh stunning queen, he is a human!”


    The captain murmured a curse and bowed again. “Yes, dazzling queen.”

    Edge couldn’t decide what was worse: being eaten by the ugly queen or being the ugly queen’s boyfriend. He scrunched his nose. Definitely being her boyfriend. At least after you’re eaten the misery is over. But Edge wasn’t really too keen on being either eaten or a boyfriend to the queen. He had to think of some way to save himself.


    The guards scrambled to fulfill her commands, slipping Anonymous’s mask back over his head. Anonymous was very pleased to have his mask back on. Edge and the captain both were forced to sit and wait while the queen conversed to Anonymous. She seemed to enjoy the fact he never answered and spent hours talking at him.

    “MY NAME IS CAMALSANDRA!” She told Anonymous. “AND THIS IS MY THRONE ROOM.” She began to drag him about the room, showing him everything there was to see that she owned. Most all of it was unnecessary information. But there was one item that did interest Anonymous. It was a little bell tied on a purple silk ribbon.

    “DO YOU LIKE THAT? PLEASE, TAKE IT.” She passed it off to him. He seemed overjoyed. Edge couldn’t imagine why. Then the queen pulled Anonymous back along to her throne, making him sit at her feet.


    Edge was startled from his thoughts by the words. The guards rudely untied him and pushed him forward.

    “Uh… what kind of tricks?” Edge stared at her blankly. He smirked. Maybe this was his chance to save his own skin. He raised his hands and shifted his feet. Soon, blue electricity flashed and sparked about his open hands, jumping between his fingers. He pulled out an element from his medallion and created plasma fire. He tossed around and made patterns with the flames, delighting the queen with his light show.

            Edge could barely contain the joy inside. He was going to make it after all. Then his hope crashed and burned as he fell forward. The carpet beneath him had somehow shifted, causing him to trip. To his horror, the ball of plasma fire flew forward, just missing the queen.

            “Assassin!” The word was cried from the captain’s lips. “Treacherous assassin!”

            The queen’s eyes widened, “SEIZE HIM! SEIZE HIM!”

            Swarmed by the mess of guards, Edge didn’t even have the chance to think of escaping. He grit his teeth and glared at the captain.

            “He tripped me!” He said. “Captain Mamdib pulled the rug I was standing on and tripped me!”

            The queen looked at the captain and he gulped.

            “SEIZE THE CAPTAIN!”

            The captain stood in utter shock, then shot a glare at Edge, whose eyes watched him sharply.


            “But-! Glorious queen!”


            Mamdib, suddenly no longer captain, fell silent.

            Then the two were led away back down into the cell. Mamdib was put in the cell beside Edge, rather than in the same cell as Anonymous had been before. Edge felt gloomy inside. He felt for his telestone on his belt and patted his clothes in a panic when he couldn’t find it.

            “Does what you’re looking for happen to look like… this?” Mamdib presented the telestone with a crooked smile, letting it swing on its leather strap.

            Edge practically hissed at him. “Give that back!”

            “Give me my rank back! Now we’re both going to get eaten!”

            “Good riddance, I say!”

            “Same goes to you!” Mamdib growled.

            Thereafter, they spent the next several hours sulking in their dark cells.

            Mamdib, to Edge’s surprise, broke the silence. “I’m sorry I tripped you.”

            Edge looked at him from over his shoulder. “Oh… uh. I forgive you.”

            “I’ve been working for years to be noticed by the queen like that… and you two humans achieved it nearly effortlessly… I suppose I was overcome with jealousy.”

            “Everyone feels that way now and then,” Edge said, turning to face the imprisoned Gulger. “But it’s better to be honest and to be genuine than to put on a fake show to impress someone. You’re likely to make an even greater impression than when you put on a mask.”

            Mamdib looked him in the eye. “Yeah. My father used to say something like that to me. I’ve always been like this. I’m a failure. I’m already two hundred and fifty days old and I’ve never succeeded in being anything more than a captain.”

            “Hey, but at least you achieved being more than a common guard.”

            Mamdib blinked, staying quite for a moment. “….you’ve got a pretty good point, Elibanian…” He smiled a little.

            “Call me Edge.”

            “Okay, Edge.” He chuckled. “Never thought I’d make friends with a human.”

            “I never imagined being friends with a Gurgle.”

            They both shared a soft laugh.

            Their merrymaking was cut short when a group of guards came in with a new captain. Without a word, the guards chained them up and led them out of the dungeon. The trip was even longer this time, taking at least half an hour or more. A buzzing sound overwhelmed Edge’s ears. He found the source of it was the entire colony of Gurgles humming. Anonymous was sitting at the feet of the queen.

    The Gurgles whooped and hollered as Edge and Mamdib were walked through the crowd. They stopped before a huge fire.

            Edge gulped. This was not going to end well. 


Chapter Three a Silver Tribute

    The wind blew through the ashes. The gray overcast above was fitting for a walk through the blackened village. A Wanderer, a man called Stranger, tread carefully upon the ashes. His leather boots were dusted with it, paling them. The Wanderer paused, his eyes panning the abandoned village as he took in a deep breath. As he began walking again, the leather armor he wore creaked softly and his green cloak waved like a banner from his shoulders. His face, or what could be seen of it under the shadow cast by his hood, was somber and serious. He took long, paced strides to reach the center of the village, where a well once was. Looking down into it, he dared not dip his canteen. It was surely poisoned.

            Another man joined him, raising from the ground in a swirl of shadow. He had a mess of blonde hair toppled over on his head, a visor over a glowing right eye, and a band around his head to hold everything in place. The collar of his purple shirt was wide. Everything about his clothing indicated he was from the East, far from the western nation of Ivo from which his wandering companion was from.

            “So boss… which house is it?”

            Stranger pointed to the far house on the left. It had been completely devastated by the fires.

            “So that’s where he lived huh?”

            “Indeed, Rioku. Gezaev was a warrior unmatched with a heart more noble than any man that ever lived.”  

            Rioku looked at the house, studying it. “So, such a man has existed. I never thought I would hear you say that about an Elibanian.”

            “I do not hold every Elibanian with such hatred as my kin in Ivo. I have met too many Elibanians that proved the stereotype false. In fact, many of those I have come to be friends with here in this nation have had more mutual loyalty and respect than many of those I know in Ivo.”

            “So how did you know him?”

            “I met him once in a market when I was selling paintings. He requested a commission, I fulfilled it, and he paid me double the price we had agreed on.”

            “Well that would surely please anyone,” Rioku smiled.

            Stranger nodded, “Likely. But I am not greedy. The people here held him high with admiration and honor. He protected this village with his life from thieves and pirates and wolves and nameless other threats. I came here at least once every year to spend the week and aided him on various quests on more than one occasion.”

            “So, he perished in the fires, did he?”

            Stranger looked down, “Yes.” He began walking to the house. Each step in the ashes resulted in a puff under his boot. The Wanderer had come to bless the house of his dear friend, the wars of the past having prevented him from ever having the opportunity. 

    He poured water from his canteen into a silver bowl. Pulling out a small jar, he dipped it into the bowl of water. The white powder inside of the jar turned the water blue. He emptied half of the bowl before where a door once stood coloring the ashes there blue. He dipped in a bundle of dried lavender, using it to sprinkle the remainder of the water around the outside of the house, leaving flecks of blue upon the charred building. Finally, he placed the silver bowl just beyond the doorway within the house. He set the lavender in the bowl and set it on fire.

    The two companions stood still in a moment of silence.

    “Now this house has been blessed,” Stranger said, an ounce of relief touching the air about him.

    Rioku looked down at the burning lavender then frowned and looked at Stranger. “Do you hear…. Buzzing?”

    Stranger scowled at his friend at first for rudely interrupting the silence. Then his face softened as his ears caught the sound that Rioku had pointed out.

    “It seems you are right. But, what could possibly be making such a sound? There is nobody here.” He peaked his head beyond the doorway to give the ruined house a look. “Perhaps bees have built a hive in the chimney?”

    “But it doesn’t sound like bees. It sort of sounds like a hum or maybe even chirping.”

    Stranger frowned, stepping inside the house. Gezaev’s home was built on a slate foundation, so he quickly realized he did not have to worry about falling through. Still, he cautiously paced to the chimney, Rioku close behind him. The buzzing grew much louder once they reached the chimney. Stranger’s curiosity quickly turned to concern. “That buzzing is definitely not coming from bees.”

    “You don’t think that it’s coming from-…?” Rioku gulped.

    Stranger began pushing aside the rubble in the hearth. There he discovered a trap door leading to a makeshift staircase that had been carved into the slate. He pushed his broad figure through, stepping down onto the stairs after a few minutes of squeezing and shifting. He struggled to get his bow through, the weapon being large and awkward to fit such a small place. Rioku slipped down onto the staircase nearly effortlessly. He smirked at Stranger, who replied with a fickle grunt as he began to lead the way down the tricky staircase.

    They came upon a lighted hall, columns and patterns carved into the slate and stone. It was instantly obvious that Stranger’s assumption was correct.

    “Ugh, I hate Gulgers…” Rioku groaned. “Do we have to deal with this? I thought we were just coming to bless the house.”

    “Yes. We have to deal with this,” Stranger replied firmly, giving him a sharp look. Rioku couldn’t see Stranger’s eyes, thanks to the hood his friend always wore, but he could only imagine that they were glaring daggers.

    Rioku groaned again as he followed Stranger through a doorway. They continued on through several passages, the buzzing and chirping sound growing deafeningly loud. Progress was quick for they met no one in the halls. It only increased Stranger’s worry. The last time he had encountered a Gurgle lair that had no Gurgles in it, he ran into a nasty hostage situation. Unfortunately, that time, he didn’t succeed, nearly becoming a hostage himself.

    Finally they saw signs of life. The immensity of the carved statues and columns described a central room to Stranger. They had likely reached the core of the colony. Judging from the sounds of their cheers and the heat raging from the room, they were likely preparing a feast. A feast on humans.

    “Look there,” Rioku whispered. Stranger looked to where he was pointing. There was a small staircase carved onto the side of the wall leading to a small door above all the mayhem.

    “Go to the shadows Rioku. If both of us get caught, we are done for. Keep close. I will head that way.”

    “Got it boss,” Rioku said, hopping into his shadow. He blended into Stranger’s shadow, becoming undetectable.

    Stranger skulked up the staircase. His heart jumped to his throat as two Gurgle guards walked from the doorway below. He froze in place. Thankfully his dark clothing blended a little with the slate wall. But his pale skin practically glowed in the firelight. Amazingly, the guards didn’t look up and disappeared into the next room.

    “You thinking what I’m thinking boss?” Rioku whispered.

    “Prepare yourself.” Stranger said, quickly heading back down the staircase. He pursued the guards, taking them by surprise. Rioku pulled both guards and Stranger into the Greylines with him so that the struggle would not raise an alarm. They devastated the guards, stripping them of their armor. Once they had the armor on Stranger motioned Rioku over to one of the dead Gargles.

    “These are Cave Crawlers. They cannot see well. They rely heavily on their sense of feeling, sense of hearing, and sense of smell to detect predators.”

    “Boss. What are you planning?” Rioku eyed him nervously.

    Stranger bent down and opened the maws of the Gurgle. He put his hand inside and began to smear its spit onto his exposed skin. Rioku grimaced.

     “I guess I have to do that too?”

    “Unless you want them to sniff you out, yes.”

    Rioku begrudgingly went to the other dead Gurgle and followed Stranger’s example, rubbing the nasty smelling saliva all over himself.

“We REEK!” Rioku said. “Gosh, this stuff would NOT attract girls. Just flies.”

    “Well, they could be girl flies.” Stranger supposed, smirking, after Rioku had pushed them back to the surface.

    Rioku gave him a dry look. “Oh yeah, cause girl flies are so much the same as girl humans.”

    “Makes no difference to Gurgles, I suppose. Now, go back to being a fly on the wall,” Stranger said, walking back toward the staircase. After giving Stranger another unamused look, Rioku jumped into Stranger’s shadow, hiding again.

    The Wanderer relaxed, taking a deep breath as he finished the distance and made it to the door. It was a small balcony, likely intended for guards to keep watch over the festivities below. It was a perfect perch for an archer like Stranger. Rioku hopped out of his shadow. Together, they barred the door, squatting low to the ground as the crept around, hidden by the retaining wall around the balcony.

    Rioku stayed low as Stranger stood. He took in a sharp breath.

    “What is it?” Rioku whispered.

    “They’ve got Edge.” Stranger replied in a hushed voice.

    “What?!” Rioku’s eyes widened. “How in the world did they capture Edge? Is their colony that gigantic?”

    “I have no idea how they caught him. It looks like Anonymous is involved too. He is at the queen’s feet. And oddly, it seems they are going to cook up one of their own kind.”

    Rioku peaked over the siding. “Man…. She’s hideous.”

    “Agreed. But that is not important. What is important is us finding a way to get Edge out of this mess.”

    “Right. So what is the plan, boss?”

    Stranger frowned. “…I …let me think.”

    Rioku swallowed. Stranger usually had a plan far before they even needed one. If he couldn’t come up with one now then the situation was a lot worse than they had originally expected.

    Stranger studied the area. The fire would provide enough light for Rioku to perform shadow arts. Why Anonymous had not used them to escape was beyond Stranger’s understanding. But he didn’t honestly care about whether Anonymous escaped or not. He looked at where Edge was tied up. Why so close to the queen? And why was there a Gargle tied up beside him?

    “Alright… I have a plan. You go in with the shadows and pull Edge into the Greylines. I will have your back and take out the guards around him. Then you hustle back to me and get me out of here.”

    Rioku blinked. Stranger almost never relied on Rioku’s shadow arts to such a heavy degree. “Oh, okay boss,” he said quietly. “When?”




    Rioku scrambled and dove into the Greylines. Stranger waited, never allowing his eyes to stray from Edge. Then appeared Rioku, quickly moving to free Edge. Stranger shot down a dozen guards behind his friend and chaos ensued. The fire was immediately put out and their plan was overwhelmed by the darkness. Rioku wouldn't be able to escape to the Greylines without light. Their simple plan to free the hostages, like Stranger had experienced in the past, had turned sour.  


Chapter Four the Queen’s Charm                                                                                       

    It was inevitable, Stranger thought, that they would be captured trying to save a friend. He looked down at the chains that held him. They were the consequence of him freeing himself from the ropes they had originally used to secure him.

    The fire was started again and the insect people danced and cheered, thrilled by their stroke of luck.

    “Stranger…?” Edge gawked at him.

    He nodded, “Yeah… it is me.”

    Edge shook his head, “How?”

    “Trying to save you,” Rioku said glumly.

    “Rioku too! Who else is here?!”

    “Just us,” Stranger sighed.

    “So… that’s it? No plan?”

    Stranger and Rioku both shook their heads, defeated.

    Edge could feel panic surging from his gut. This was going to be their end. He couldn’t help but feel guilty that Stranger and Rioku had been caught trying to save him.

    “Are these friends of yours, Edge?”

    Edge looked at Mamdib, who seemed skeptical of the Wanderer and his shinobi companion.

    “Yeah, these are my friends Stranger and Rioku. Guys, this is Mamdib. He’s here because he tripped me.”

    “He tripped you?” Stranger frowned, confused. “So they are going to eat you for that reason?”

    “They sometimes eat us without a reason,” Mamdib explained.

    The humans all made a disgusted face.

    “I hate cannibalism….” Stranger growled.

    “Well, there is little you can do about it now,” Mamdib sighed. “This is the end for us.”

    They sat there in a sad silence, watching the flames lick and dance over the pile of logs.

    But alas, Anonymous had his bell, the queen’s charm! He stood up and shook the bell. It tolled loudly over the humming and chattering of the Gurgles.


    Stranger cursed Anonymous as the drums began to rumble. Each of them were tied to iron poles, like pigs, and the Gurgles prepared to hoist them over the fire. Edge’s breath came in ragged gasps. This surely couldn’t be the end!

    There was a loud crash, the sound of an avalanche. A massive blur raced toward the queen’s throne, scattering all in its path, and stopped before Anonymous. Dark overwhelmed the great room. During the darkness, Edge felt the ropes loosen and a hand hoist him up. He heard Stranger’s grunt behind him and Rioku’s muttered complaint. He was sat upon something with unbelievably soft fur. It moved quickly. He could feel the rush of air on his face. He didn’t know how long he had been in the dark on the creature, but soon enough there was light coming from the end of the cave. Anonymous sat before him, proudly reining the massive creature beneath them.

    Anonymous had found what he had been looking for: a giant mole, the digging kind.

    Edge beamed. He was glad he trusted Anonymous when he found him in the closet that day.

    They rode the giant mole out of the tunnels and to the surface, all the way to the coast line, where the great mole ceased its journey. Mamdib jumped down effortlessly off the mole’s back, rather disorientated. Stranger slipped down, meeting the ground with a shaky thud. He helped Edge and Rioku down from the back of the mole, since he was far taller than they were. Then he stood and looked at Anonymous, who smiled down at them, happily wearing his mask.

            Stranger swallowed his pride and faced his enemy. “Thank you Anonymous. Without you, this would have been our end.”

            Anonymous waved him off, still smiling.

            Edge grinned up at him. “Seems like you were right! Giant moles do exist. Sorry I doubted you.”

            Anonymous patted the mole’s fur, nodding.


            The Gulger swarm was nearing the surface of the tunnel. Everyone stared in alarm at the entrance, waiting for another nightmare. Then the mole shifted, its nose sniffling and snorting.

            Rioku looked at Stranger. “Do you think that perhaps-?”

            “-that giant moles eat Gulgers? There is a great possibility.”

            Anonymous hopped off the mole as it rushed back to its tunnel. Not long after, the buzzing of the Gulgers stopped.

            Mamdib sighed. “I suppose that’s the end of that…”

            “Do you not have family elsewhere?” Edge frowned.

            “They were all my family.”

            “Why don’t you come back with us?”

            “I don’t know… I’m not so sure I could live among humans.”

            “Well, if you find yourself needing a place to stay, come find me in Ivo,” Edge said with a grin, patting Mamdib on the shoulder. “Oh. And could I have my telestone back?”

            “Ah! Yes! Right! Here, sorry!” Mamdib handed it back to Edge.



            There at the shoreline, they split ways. Edge walking with Stranger and Rioku while Mamdib traveled alone. Edge hoped he’d see that grubby Gurgle again someday. Mamdib was probably the only insect Edge would ever want to see more than just once.

    The only one, he shuddered.


    There was something about how the cabin smelled, Edge decided.  It was the smell of old tired books, cheesy eggs, and fresh laundry. He set his pack down on the floor and stood beside his mentor, Sir Anduin Isan Thorn, who was muttering over the skillet full of eggs he was making.

            Thorn turned and looked at him, then continued to mutter on, “Oh, hmm… I suppose I should make more then, hmm.” Then he stopped, looked a second time and grinned, pulling Edge into a warm embrace. “My! Look whose home! How was your journey?”

            Edge smiled against Thorn’s shoulder, “A lot more than you might expect to happen, Master.”

            “Come now, eat breakfast with me and tell me all about it,” Thorn said, moving to fetch more eggs from the basket. There were none. “Drat. Go on and get some eggs from the hens. I’ll add some more bacon to the pan.”

            With a humored smile on his face, Edge picked up the basket and walked out into the field toward the hen house. It was good to be home.
                                                                                                               ~ The End ~


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