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Welcome! Drop by a while and tell me what you think! :) I'd love to have some feedback and I am more than willing to return the favor! :iconsophisticatedlaplz: Grazie my friends!


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Watch me- I'll watch you back!

I don't know why, but a lot of people don't think I will talk to them for some odd reason! They always act so surprised when I answer back. If you ever want tips for art or if you want to give me tips, please just go for it! I love helping other artists grow with what experience I already have. And I am fully aware I have yet to become a master, even as a professional! Honestly, I don't think masters exist! But that's just me!

You may have noticed that a lot of my art repeats characters that you have never seen before! That is because I am working hard to write a book series. If you're curious and want to learn more, just ask! If you want to talk about your characters too, I'm totally free for it! ;D Just remember, I am slow to reply sometimes!

My artwork mostly reflects my characters from the world I created under the title Wanderlust. I still have a lot of work to do, but you're free to get to know me and my characters. My favorite gift is fanart! lol

ON A SIDE NOTE: I have cubital tunnel syndrom in both hands. So come winter, I probably won't post as often, but idk. You just never know!

Here's some of my other locations for posting (writing and such)
    The Plunge into the Shadows by Yavanni

As some of you know, back in 2oo9-2o12 I wrote a novel based off of Hoshi no Kaabi's many suggestions from which theories have been made- such as MK being Kirby's father or not being his father. You know? The juicy stuff.

Well, The Past of the Masked Knight,after its completion was followed by a novel called The Life of a Star Warrior in 2o12-13. This one panned out from more than just Meta Knight, but to other characters- OC's and characters such as Yamikage and the origin of Blade and Sword. The point of the story is to provide some sort of clarified satisfaction of what it might have been like being a Star Warrior and how the war with Nightmare went. Well....I lost the notebook containing the chapter outline and character maps and concepts and all that for the Life of a Star Warrior. ---However! I now officially have four pages of notes from the first five chapters of the Life of a Star Warrior, where I am rewriting and renewing my memory of my original plans for the story, in order to finish it. I feel horrible about cutting it off like I did, especially after receiving many reviews and emails and notes of people disappointed with it never being completed. I can't say the story will be completed to the original potential I had planned for. But, I am interested enough in it that I AM picking it up again. My goal is to end it in at least three to five chapters since Wanderlust is my main priority- considering I've got long term goals surrounding it and a team waiting for direction. There were only a few major points that had to be accredited and wrapped up- but I think you will be pleased with the results.

    So, to celebrate the return of this story and the Kirby community, I'm going to recruit one OC per new chapter (currently planned: 5) from whoever is interested in their character's having an appearance. You may only submit one character of yours (unless they have a familiar or something such as Link from the Legend of Zelda and his fairy. The fairy is considered a familiar)

To submit an OC of the Kirby franchise to this story, you must provide:

1) Information on the Character-
    -Tell me their personality, tell me their back story, abilities, etc. The more the BETTER! I want some kind of understanding of their family relationships and so forth. It would be EVEN BETTER if they were already married- that sort of thing. 
2) Conceptual drawing of the Character
     -This can range from a good drawing that clearly shows the costume and weapon/abilities of the character to actual concept art. This may be tweaked by myself in the final drawings for the novels, but not to the point it is no longer recognizable. 
    -I must be able to clearly see the character through either the art (preferably) and/or the writing. It's best if you can manage with both. But I'll work with you. 
3) It must be YOUR original character and they must not have any attribute a-h under "I will not accept". The character will automatically be ruled out if it has any unacceptable feature.
4) Send me the information in a note to submit.
    -Write the information/bio on the character in the note and place thumbnails of the artwork (if you don't know how to do thumbnails- ask!) Then I would like you to tell me briefly what the Kirby franchise has done for you in your life/ how you've benefited from it and how long you've been a fan.
    -You can enter multiple submissions, however, only one of your characters will be chosen.  

I will not accept

a) Mary Sue/Gary Drew (or whatever the male version is) 
b) Overly powerful/invincible
c) Outside the Kirby Franchise- these are Kirby OC's I'm talking about. 
d) Related to any canon characters
e) Related to any of my characters (unless I approve of it) 
f) A design based too closely to Meta Knight or any canon character
g) Unoriginal- that's loose, but if you have to convince me your character is as unique as you believe it to be, you probably need to work on them. 
h) Cannot be human. They must be a race from the story. 

    I suggest you read the story (at least the Life of a Star Warrior…) in order to understand the time period and the like. And you must base it off of the racial concepts I have provided within the story. If you're confused about that (quite frankly it's embarrassing to me how unclear I can be) then shoot me a note. They're all legitimate races from the Kirby franchise based off of reoccuring character designs. Here's a little list of canon franchise characters matched with race names to help you configure what race your OC is. I did this system in order to avoid using terms like "kirbies" or "puffballs". There are exceptions for accents, but for the most part, the race and accent go hand in hand.

Cathican- (Latin/Spanish Accent)- Meta Knight- Traditional Kirby design.
Satisan- (English Accent)- Prince Fluff -concerning the non-traditional eye shape. Many Satisans have the ability to shape-shift, signified by their right eye glowing a warm color. 

Ironcladdian- (Scottish Accent)- Knuckle Joe. Their society is sectioned off into clans with jarls ruling over them.
Okanese- (Japanese Accent)- Prince Fluff- concerning the non-traditional eye shape. Okanese are often mistaken for Satisans because their right eyes also glow. The Okanese right eye glows a cool color rather than warm. Many are shadow-shades, able to manipulate and be one with shadows naturally, without much dedication to training in magic.

Ivoian- (Anglo-Saxon Accent)- Fumu/Silica- Ivoians have a natural aptitude for magic. 

Elibanian- (Russian Accent)- Fumu/Silica- They have little natural ability in magic. Instead, they are well trained mercenaries. Ivo and Eliban are rivaling planets. 

Those are the basic races. 

    Lastly, understand that after that, I have the right to use the character (with your permission) within the story and if I need to make minor changes, I will slide them by you as the original author, as well as give you credit through a link to your profile here on dA in the chapter that your character appears in, in the chapter's ending Author Note.  
What do you get out of this? You get free promotion for your character/character designing skills. Not only that, once the beta readers help me sort it all out to the final product, I will do a character cluster of every character that ever appeared in the two novels- including yours. So this is a chance for you to get your characters out there. 

    But, this is to gain support for Wanderlust. It might surprise you- if you haven't been around long- that most all of my original characters in Wanderlust (all the main ones particularly) were created through my stories written on the Kirby franchise. So in exchange for writing your character into this novel and doing a free piece of art for you. You must do two things for me. 

Since there will probably be more entries than available slots, this will be the entry "fee" so to speak: 

1) Join the group Wanderlust-fans and promote Wanderlust in a journal entry. 
2) Give me a WATCH. Don't worry, I'll pay you right back and WATCH you too!
2) Draw a picture (can be chibi if you don't feel confident doing a human figure) of one of my characters: Anonymous, Stranger, Daisuke, Rioku, etc. You can do them as a Kirby character (since most all of them originated that way). There are plenty of references in my gallery for you to choose from. If you don't feel at all capable (say you're a writer) then send me a note and we'll work something out. 

    Cool huh? And easy? Since there are only five chapters (most likely only five) there will only be five slots available for original characters to make an appearance. You guys got plenty of time. I'd say at least three months, maybe more. But get started now and communicate with me now for better results! 

Current Participants: 

sailor-snowcone5… )

A note for the future: 

    Once the novel is completed, it will be sent to beta readers for reconstruction (particularly concerning the first novel- thanks to my Mary Sue Athenya lol thank you 8th grade...). Upon it's completion, the two novels will be combined into one entire novel and posted on a new fanfiction account- hopefully under the username Yavanni. If not, I will likely post it on my previous account under the username, Sweey. In addition to this- the story, as it is completed, will be updated on my account Sweey as it had been before. So keep an eye out for updates! ;D 

    If you have any ideas concerning the story, let me know. I'd love to hear any suggestions you guys have to make! 

    Lastly, considering I'm in college, I can't say how frequently the story will be updated, but it will be. I imagine once I get started and it begins to run more smoothly, it will be updated more regularly. The last chapters will be long ones in order to shorten the story. So I'll basically pound in one chapter what I intended to do in three.  

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me! ;D Thanks guys! 

Here's what Anglo-Saxon (old English) sounds like! It's very cool! 
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I'm still alive guys. I'm just going through hell and back. 
I'm still alive guys. The University just keeps me super busy.... :icononionsighplz:
Ivara by Yavanni
I created a new race, which is basically a calico race. So it has a little bit of everything. :) I really love the concept, because here in the states, racism is a real problem. I think every race is beautiful and this is my contribution to my belief that every skin tone is beautiful. I was inspired by people with birthmarks, whom I also think look awesome!!! They're like pinto horses! ^^ 
Sip by Yavanni
Yeah, he's a cheap date. 

(Quick sketch) 

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