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Welcome! Drop by a while and tell me what you think! :) I'd love to have some feedback and I am more than willing to return the favor! :iconsophisticatedlaplz: Grazie my friends!


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Watch me- I'll watch you back!

I don't know why, but a lot of people don't think I will talk to them for some odd reason! They always act so surprised when I answer back. If you ever want tips for art or if you want to give me tips, please just go for it! I love helping other artists grow with what experience I already have. And I am fully aware I have yet to become a master, even as a professional! Honestly, I don't think masters exist! But that's just me!

You may have noticed that a lot of my art repeats characters that you have never seen before! That is because I am working hard to write a book series. If you're curious and want to learn more, just ask! If you want to talk about your characters too, I'm totally free for it! ;D Just remember, I am slow to reply sometimes!

My artwork mostly reflects my characters from the world I created under the title Wanderlust. I still have a lot of work to do, but you're free to get to know me and my characters. My favorite gift is fanart! lol

ON A SIDE NOTE: I have cubital tunnel syndrom in both hands. So come winter, I probably won't post as often, but idk. You just never know!

Here's some of my other locations for posting (writing and such)
    So, I haven't told anyone here yet why I was gone from dA for so long. It's pretty personal, but I'm all good with sharing some of the basic elements of my situation. 

    I had that kidney stone back in October, which took a week for me to pass, and I still continued to go to classes. But I fell behind and became super stressed out. During Christmas break, I spent my days catching up in my Photography class and got my wisdom teeth out, which took a week to recover from. Upon returning to university I was already stressed out and didn't want to be there. I had to deal with a guy who wanted to marry me (but didn't believe in birth control and wanted me to homeschool the extensive number of children we were going to apparently have- which I wasn't about to do) and my grandmother manipulated my relationship with him, clearly desiring us to marry. I didn't, obviously. Well, my almost boyfriend of last year came back out of no where and was more psychopathic than before, sending me disturbing texts about me painting with my blood and whining how he had a dream that I wouldn't do weed with him, when in reality I wouldn't do weed in real life either. I really care about him, but he really scared me.

    Anyway, more stuff happened. I was in pain from my hand and I was falling behind in school so I got really depressed. I thought I would get out of it on my own like I had in the past. But it got worse. I wasn't going to classes, I didn't want to socialize. My social anxiety skyrocketed, to the point I wouldn't go outside. I was a complete wreck. Two of my professors sent out alerts to the Student Support Center, including a professor I was very close to. They were afraid for my psychological well being and all that. I wasn't drawing. I mostly played Skyrim 10 or more hours a day. I learned a lot about modding, but that aside, I was doing really horribly in being alive. Several of my friends abandoned me at this time, some of them attacked me. My friend Emma stuck with me and took care of me. A few of my friends got this crazy, bizarre idea that she was controlling and manipulating me. So they told me it was either her or them. I chose her. They hadn't done a thing for me since I had gone into my horrible state of depression and had attacked me over stupid misunderstandings. So my friends of two years ditched me and gossiped and hated me. 

    I don't really remember everything that happened, just that I was half alive. I almost dropped out of college and gave up on my career as an artist. I most certainly was the furthest thing from happy. 

    Anyways, there's more, but I'm not sharing that publicly yet. But the counselors are all really intrigued by my case because of some deeper details. I'm doing better now. I'm on an anti-depressant, a kidney pill (to fight stones), a medication for anxiety, and apparently I have slight Asperger's Syndrome. So if it doesn't seem I care enough, I really do care, and I'd defend you to my death. But don't expect me to seem like I'm completely enthralled with you, because I'm not capable of it. Hence why I only have like five friends in RL right now. lol which is fine. Life goes on. I'm okay, it's just weird that I have so much wrong with me all of the sudden. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, super slight OCD (apparently), super slight Asperger's, kidney stones, Cubital Tunnel, and ADHD. All this before my 20th birthday. Geez. Gotta love to be me. I have two counselors right now. And on Wednesday I'll have like five talking to me (because apparently my case is really unique due to some particular psychological details I didn't mention). 

    Also, just recently, all my community fish, (except my two bettas and the four baby zebra danios) have a freaky parasite that's almost impossible to get rid of. So I have to put them ALL down. My blue gourami, Cordella, my five black neon tetras that I just bought ($15) in February, my three zebra danios, my frog Merrylegs, my ghost shrimp Casper, my four (remaining) guppies, and my three brand new hillstream loaches. That's at least $50 in fish. Gosh.... it's the pits. That's for certain. 

But, hopefully this summer I'll be able to regain my footing and officially be on the upside of this monster. 
  • Mood: Questionable
  • Listening to: The Ravishing Genius of Bones- Album by Brian F.
  • Reading: Kamikaze by Yasuo Kuwahara and Gordon T. Allred
  • Watching: Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Eating: Bread and Honey
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola


A Sword Shattered Is A Shattered Pride
I have no idea where I got the idea for the monster... and I don't know if it even shows up in the stories I've written. But who cares. This thing is ages old! I'm talking like five years old. So enjoy. 

I put my mature filter on if I even remotely think it might disturb someone with the hope that more people might consider that little kids get on dA. Just so everyone knows where I stand on the matter. lol cause my opinion is obviously so important. (sarcasm. ehem) 

Anyways. Mk's in a bit of trouble. Not to worry though.... I'm sure he'll figure some way out.... 
Dark Meta Sketches by Yavanni
Dark Meta Sketches
No, I didn't color it. Deal with it. 

I was telling myself that, not you. I wanted so bad to color it.... buuuuut it's really a bad idea to try and color a picture thats like three years old. 

Anyway, there's Dark Meta Knight. Just grin and bear. He's not real. He cannot come off the paper. And he cannot hurt you. lol
Suspected by Yavanni
Oh woe is me!!! WOE IS ME! It's that one OC I made when I was a wee little one! THE OC THAT WAS A MARY SUE! 


Well, I fixed her. Honestly, she was character-less. She had the personality of a diamond. In other words, she was quite shiny and valuable, but really didn't do much of anything and was pretty much useless aside from being a traditional damsel in distress now and then. She doesn't really have anything special about her. Except her reason for existing. Since I'm originally a Zelda fan, and Sword Kirby is a tribute to Link, I decided to make miss Athenya a tribute to Princess Zelda, who also has the personality of a diamond. So there. Yeah, she's a princess. Kill me. Send a spear in the mail. (Please do, cause dude that'd be awesome.)


Nevertheless, I'm older and wiser now (I think). So hopefully, she's not so Mary Sue and more like "harmony" to our whimpering hearts, which have become frail after years of encountering these deadly.... Sues... *cough* *choke* *gag*

       Anyway, I authored a story years ago (I sound like a sailor)... Actually, I've authored several. I'm looking for beta readers. As many as I can. Because I'm tackling the biggest fish in my sea! The entire 36 chapters of the Past of the Masked Knight. In addition to that, the Lightning Knight, and, upon it's total completion, the Past of the Masked Knight's sequel, The Life of a Star Warrior. 

Here's my fanfic profile:…

For those of you who have been begging me for the last two years to finish the Life of a Star Warrior, the long awaited Chapter 11 has finally been posted. I'm back ya'll! 

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