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Mister Singer by Yavanni Mister Singer by Yavanni
"One by one they would come to Singer's room to spend the evening with him. The mute was always thoughtful and composed. His many-tinted gentle eyes were as grave as a sorcerer's. Mick Kelly and Jake Blount and Doctor Copeland would come and talk in the silent room- for they felt the mute would always understand whatever they wanted to say to him. And maybe even more than that."
-Part One, Chapter Six, Page 91

This is my favorite character from Carson McCullers' "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter". He is a deaf-mute named Mister Singer. He can read lips and write so he has no trouble communicating. He's really helped with the development of Anonymous's character. However, I must warn you, it ends rather sadly.... ;(
Took me about three evenings to read it. :) I highly recommend it. It had fantastic character development and it's really a fantastic read. This was my interpretation of how Mister Singer looked. He... looks like Tokumei I'll admit, but he has his own flare. He even has his Panama hat. ^^ I miss him.

About the art piece. It's actually now my lock screen image for my phone. Mister Singer had a huge impact on my life- I got very attached to him to the point I felt he was real. Anyhow, this piece is another gray value scale copic marker exploit.... values 0 through 10.

Seriously, you gotta read this book.

Also, I'm going to teach you a trick about my artwork and how I capture expressions. Mister Singer's story is bittersweet.... see, everyone comes to talk to him but he has no one to talk to about his pains and problems, but he happily hears others out. So, don't let the smile fool you. Cover his mouth, see how desolate and sad his eyes are? See.... that's the trick.
Nine-Roses Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That hat is epic! :D
I love this one too!
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